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2022 Streetcar Summit in Milwaukee

The 11th Annual Streetcar Summit will be held May 16-18, 2022 at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The streetcar community will gather to discuss topics ranging from project updates to the increasing cost of construction, as well as equity and advertising. Registration and more details to come!


Milwaukee Streetcar


Streetcar Cost Newsletter: Volume 1

Why is the Labor Market Important to CSC?

Transit projects are labor intensive requiring utilization of labor from various pools throughout the supply chain (e.g. manufacturing of rolling stock and materials, design and engineering, construction management and craft labor). We estimate that between 30% to 50% of a streetcar project’s capital construction cost is labor. Hence, changes in labor markets can have a significant impact to project costs. Labor markets are subject to the basic principles of supply and demand: higher supply of labor and constant or lower demand for labor by firms, typically result in lower costs of labor; inversely, cost of labor increases with lower supply of labor and higher demand by firms, both of which may be impactful to a project owners’ bottom line and firms’ operating costs.

Understanding the overall labor market can help CSC members understand the market’s capacity to support projects and the effect it may have on capital project cost.

Members of the Community Streetcar Coalition can log in to read the full newsletter in the Documents section of the Forums.

The Hop Streetcar


Congratulations to the Cincinnati Bell Connector

The City of Cincinnati and the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority celebrated the Grand Opening of the Cincinnati Bell Connector Streetcar on September 9, 2016.  Everyone at the Community Streetcar Coalition sends our well wishes and congratulations to the project team and supporters.  Read more in the Letter to the Editor by our Chairman DJ Baxter published at  To learn more about the Cincinnati Bell Connector visit

Cincinnati Bell Connector


Congratulations to Kansas City Streetcar

Members Kansas City, Kansas City Area Transit Authority and Kansas City Streetcar Authority celebrated the Grand Opening of the Kansas City Streetcar on May 6, 2016.  Since then they have had over 360,000 riders!  To learn more visit

KC Streetcar Image

The Mobility Benefits of the Streetcar Report

The Mobility Benefits of Streetcar


Scale Map of All USA Streetcars In Operation or Under Construction

Courtesy of Greater Greater Washington

Streetcar Systems to Scale

Matt Johnson at Greater Greater Washington created the above map of all the American (US) Streetcar systems that are in revenue operation or under construction. For more information on his map visit the original Greater Greater Washington web post


Light Rail and Streetcars

How they Differ, How they Overlap

APTA Report from October 2014

In October 2014 a joint effort of the Light Rail Technical Forum and Streetcar Subcommittee of the American Public Transportation Association published a brochure that explains the typical characteristics of light rail and streetcar systems. This brochure is intended to be a useful tool for civic leaders and the general public. Click the cover image below for access to the full report.

APTA Light Rail vs Streetcar Report